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Compared to the rest of the country, Upper Hanover Township’s cost of living is 0.49% higher than the
U.S. average. 

About Matt Kells - Tax Collector - Upper Hanover Township

When I was a child, my father, Clifford Kells, was the tax collector for Upper Hanover Township.  I remember people coming to the house to pay their property tax and talking to dad about anything and everything.  The fact that they (the tax payers) had someone like dad to visit with and listen to their concerns was something that made a lasting impression on me.  As a ten year old kid, I didn’t have many thoughts about what I would do in the future.  But becoming tax collector (just like dad) was always an ambition. 

Fast forward to 2004.  After being certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Qualified Tax Collector, I launched a successful campaign for the Upper Hanover Township Tax Collector position.  Over the last three years I’ve had many of the same experiences my dad had over thirty years ago. 

Times have changed but not the concerns of the Upper Hanover tax payer.  So in keeping with my mission statement, I have instituted customer service improvements: 

Upper Hanover is the only municipality in the Upper Perkiomen School District to accept payments by credit card, both online and over the telephone. 

We keep regular office hours, each and every week... and additional office hours are added during tax season. 

We send return envelopes with your bill so you don’t have to run around and search for one. 

And we’ve put together this website to provide our constituents with valuable information and resources. 

I think elected positions should focus on personal service, not just public service. 

- Matthew Kells

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