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The median home cost in Upper Hanover Township is $272,000.  The average home in the township appreciated by 2.04% in 2008. 

Our Mission

With so many businesses, customer service has become a casualty of automation.  How many times have we called a company or government agency only to be greeted by the automated phone system?  Customer service is the most important detail attended to here at our office.  If you call us, someone will answer the phone and help you immediately, without recording the call for quality assurance. 

Mission Statement

The Upper Hanover Tax Collector's Office is committed to fulfilling our legal obligation to collect and protect the vital revenues of Upper Hanover Township, Montgomery County, and the Upper Perkiomen School District; to provide superior customer service by listening and being responsive to our valued constituents; and to create an environment which promotes efficiency and competence while delivering the highest quality of service. 

Recently school districts around the state have been looking into trimming their budget by eliminating the collection of taxes by the municipality tax collector.  The school districts feel that by hiring a bank to collect the funds they will save a lot of money; but at what cost?  I am afraid the people who will pay more in the long run are the tax payers.

The actual collection of money is only a portion of what is necessary in efficiently transferring funds from homeowners to taxing bodies.  The pitfalls begin where customer service and hands-on attention fails. 

Paying your property tax is a very important and costly endeavor not to be taken lightly by simply stamping a bill paid.  People like to know the deed has been done properly and personally.  Too often a bill will arrive in the mail with an un-signed check or one written in the wrong amount.  Will a bank call you or come to your home if necessary?  I know I have, and will again.  When you need a receipt for a payment made last year or lost the one you had, do you think a bank will produce one without a fee?  When was the last time a bank did anything for you without a fee?  If your mortgage company pays the wrong amount or doesn’t even know the amount to pay we make it a mission to get the bill paid right and on time.  This, ultimately, saves you the tax payer money.

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