Property Taxes Too High?

One course of action may be to appeal the assessment of your property with the county board of assessment 

General Property Tax Information

Calculating Your Tax (updated July 1, 2020)

Township and County taxes are calculated by multiplying the millage rate by the assessed value of a property Millage rates are set by the governing boards Assessments are set by the County Board of Assessments. 

Current millage rates:

Taxing Authority:

Millage (Rate):

Upper Hanover Township


Montgomery County


[County + Township = 5.299]

Upper Perkiomen School District

25.2278 **

Calculate Your Tax

Assessed Property Value:
(without commas)

Assessed Value:


Township Tax:


County Tax:


School Tax:


Total Tax:


School tax reduced to 4517.35 when Homestead Tax Relief applied

A property tax for an assessed value of $150,000 should be calculated like this:

County/Township-.005299 x 150000 =


School District - .0252278 x 150000 x 1.24401 =


Total tax for property =


** The Upper Perkiomen School District serves communities in both Berks and Montgomery Counties.  Recently, Berks County performed a market value reassessment.  Under current Pennsylvania law, school districts that encompass more than one county are permitted to use one of four formulas to help even the tax burden on all residents.  For residents of Montgomery County, the formula that was chosen specifies that a factor of 1.24401 (.75 / .6028881) is applied to the assessed value of the property. 

Pay By Phone or Credit Card

Did you know that Upper Hanover residents can make tax payments online or over the phone?  For added convenience, taxpayers may use an American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® or VISA® credit card, debit card or electronic check to make a payment.  Our office has contracted with Official Payments Corp., a third party vendor, to operate as an extension of the Tax Collector’s customer support and payment processing services. 

The service gives residents of Upper Hanover Township a flexible, secure method of making payments conveniently and on time.  Depending upon credit card benefits, cardholders can earn rewards such as airline miles or other bonuses when paying their taxes online. 

To make a payment online, visit

To pay by phone, call toll-free 1-800-2PAYTAX and use jurisdiction code 4854 

Information requested will include the parcel number (starts 5700...), credit/debit card information, and the amount of the tax that is to be paid.  A nominal fee is calculated and charged for this convenient service. 

Fast Fact:

As of 2010, Upper Hanover Township has 6,464 people.  Since 2000, the township has seen a population growth of 32.3 percent. 

Is Your Address Correct?

All residents and organizations are urged to review their mailing address used by the Board of Assessment to send out real estate tax bills.  Please find your property at 

If your mailing address is incorrect or needs to be changed, please send a signed notice to Matthew Kells Tax Collector, Upper Hanover Township, 803 Gravel Pike Palm PA, 18070.  Please note that failure to receive a real estate tax bill does not absolve a taxpayer from their obligation to pay their bills in a timely manner. 

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain their tax bill.  We mail over 2,700 tax bills and we don't know if a particular taxpayer received their bill or if it is returned we may not know the correct mailing address.  There are many other reasons that a bill is not received but it is the homeowner’s responsibility to notify us that a bill was not received and to give us the information to send it to the correct address. 

Property Taxes Too High?

Taxing bodies raise taxes but they never want to lower them, so I’m often asked "what can be done to lower my taxes".  Well, the only thing you as a homeowner can do is to check your property assessment on your tax bill.  Do you think it is too high?  If so, one course of action may be to appeal the assessment of your property with the Montgomery County Board of Assessment Appeals

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